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    1. Hi Greg,

      Yes, geotechnical wells are still under the licensed driller regulations. You will need to use a VA licensed driller or become a licensed driller in the state of Virginia.

    1. Hi Travis,

      Well Completion Reports (GW-II), are available at your local Health Department where they will pull individual reports by address. You may also be able to contact a local well drilling contractor who has installed wells in the area of question and they could provide a few well logs or answer some quick questions for you.

    1. Hi Marcie,

      There are appropriate procedures and calculations for following safe well disinfecting guidelines. Chlorine is used readily to rid the well water of bacteria or help mitigate mineral content for water quality parameters.

      When adding bleach to the water supply it is always best to follow the guidelines or have a certified Water Well Systems Provider perform the disinfection.

  1. Hello,
    I discovered a 20′ shallow well under an addition of my 1890’s home-used to be a porch and was closed in to create a larger kitchen. Suggestions? I could perhaps use this to water the yard? Decommission?

    1. Hi Katie,

      Oh my! What a discovery! A well of that age we would recommend using it for non-potable uses or properly abandoning it to prevent any accidents. Contacting a local licensed well contractor would provide great insight on the water’s use and care options.

      Let us know if you need assistance in identifying a contractor.

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