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The association does automatically report the hours to Virginia’s Department of Professional and Occupational Regulations per their requirements. At the conclusion of the conference the top, white sheet of the Proof of Attendance form is collected for database entry. This is used to keep the hours for each participant.

If you are licensed in another state, please use the yellow copy to send off to that state and keep the pink copy for yourself.

Educational certificates will be produced and emailed out to the company representative.

2023 Proof of Attendance Sheet


Business Succession Planning, Jesse Richardson
2/15 – 9:00 AM Parlor B | 2/16 – 2:30 PM Parlor C
This course will provide an overview of how to plan for your business succession to the next generation. Additional topics of estate planning, business entities, and business agreements will also be discussed.

Class Attendance/Sign-In Sheet: WED | THR
Fundamentals of Motors, Joel Rackley
2/16 – 1:15 PM Parlor B
This course will cover the history of motors, how they have changed over the years and provide a fundamental understanding of electricity generation in reference to pumping motors.

Class Attendance/Sign-In Sheet: THR
CDL Clearinghouse & ELDT Program, Craig Feister & William Anderson
2/15 – 12:45 PM Parlor C | 2/16 – 1:15 PM Parlor C
This course will present the drug and alcohol program requirements for employers and CDL drivers subject to 49 CFR Parts 40 & 382.

Class Attendance/Sign-In Sheet: WED | THR
Feedback Course, VWWA Board of Directors
2/16 – 3:45 PM Parlor B
This course provides an opportunity for manufacturers, regulators, and contractors alike to come together and voice concerns or needs of the industry.

Class Attendance/Sign-In Sheet: THR
DEQ Update – VA Hydro Login, Ryan Green + Hannah Somers
2/15 – 12:45 PM Bon Air Suite | 2/16 – 11:00 AM Bon Air Suite
This course will provide guidance on the new parameters to logging into the VA Hydro Database for those that are responsible for completing and submitting Well Completion Reports.

Class Attendance/Sign-In Sheet: WED | THR
State of the Water Well Industry, Margaret Martens
2/15 – 8:00 AM Parlor B | 2/16 – 11:00 AM Parlor B
This course will cover the results of the 2022 Report/Update on the Water Well Trust survey including a new video. Survey responses will be discussed. Second part of the course will be of the Water Well Trust organization.

Class Attendance/Sign-In Sheet: WED | THR
Drilling in Virginia – Varying Geology and Applicable Methods, James Maupin
2/15 – 8:00 AM Parlor C | 2/16 – 11:00 AM Parlor C
This course will provide an overview of the four drilling methods that were demonstrated between the two drill demonstration days in 2021 and 2022.

Class Attendance/Sign-In Sheet: WED | THR
Study Guide Master Water Well System Providers
2/16 – 2:30 PM Bon Air Suite
This two-part course will be guided by MWWSPs, covering the recommended texts for the exams. Bring your questions and be quizzed in the end.

Class Attendance/Sign-In Sheet: THR
Drilling: Considerations for Mobilization, Setup, and Demobilization, Chad Bordewyk + John O’Dell + Robert Royall
2/15 – 9:15 AM Parlor C | Does NOT Repeat
This course walks the participant through proper drill site assessments and responsible housekeeping onsite as well as the hazards of mobilizing off site.

Class Attendance/Sign-In Sheet: WED | THR
Well Regulations Update, Anthony Creech + Scott Vogel
2/15 – 10:30 AM Parlor C | Does NOT repeat
This course will cover the latest regulation changes.

Class Attendance/Sign-In Sheet: WED
DPOR Contracts & Licensing Basics, Marjorie King
2/15 – 9:15 AM Bon Air Suite | 2/15 – 10:30 AM Bon Air Suite
This two-part course will cover licensing requirements for a Water Well Systems Provider. The contracts course will go into depth of the appropriate verbiage and terms for agreements.

Class Attendance/Sign-In Sheet: WED


We are heading back to the DoubleTree (Koger Center) in Richmond – Midlothian area.

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