Fall Field Day 2014

The Virginia Water Well Association held our annual Fall Field Day on September 19th in the beautiful countryside of Powhatan, Virginia! It was a day full of mixed weather and great company beginning as the sun rose with a morning lecture from Rick Finney of Foremost and Robert Royall of Royall Pump & Well Company, Inc. The morning talk presented the dual rotary technology and the experience behind having this rare skill to sustain drilling contractors through the changing times. Dennis Walters of Torrence Rope & Sling emphasized the proper method of utilizing a crane to set-up the jobsite with the steel casing and other drilling components in addition to relating the necessity of sling safety.
From morning to evening over 12 tailgating vendors lined the hill crest promoting their product and engaging with over 175 attendees as they transitioned from the tent location to the adjacent hill top where a live demonstration was underway utilizing the Foremost manufactured Dual Rotary Drill to construct an 8” borehole with plain end steel casing and drive shoe into bedrock. The demonstration provided great insight into how to operate this type of machinery promoting a level of comfort to the contractor attendees should they choose to incorporate this viable and realistic
addition to their drilling services for a thriving business.
The Department of Environmental Quality added an hour of insight to the local water movement from monitoring the multiple wells on the property. They also tested out some new equipment which located the bottom of a 1,000 foot well and marked it at grade to visually showcase the 50’+ offset from a conventional drilling rig.  At the day’s conclusion; manufacturers, contractors, health sanitarians, and suppliers enjoyed the outdoor setting for a day of demonstration and connection while enjoying each other’s presence with two raes and dunk tank occupied by Wayne Fenton, a director of the association!
Thank you for coming out and spending the day with us!