Make-up Course: Winter Conference

The Winter Conference presented some obstacles which resulted in the cancellation of Day 2 in-person activities.  This threw a wrench in the scheduled courses as our presenter, Marianne Metzger with the Eastern Water Quality Association / ‘Proper Sample Collection for Water Testing’ was not able to be available virtually while she traveled home safely.  
We would still like to have the course and she has agreed to present the course virtually.  We are offering the virtual make-up course next Friday, March 12th at 12:00 PM.  The same link to access the Virtual Education you participated in at the Winter Conference is the same link to access this course.  I will take attendance through the chat box which will allow you to gain an additional hour of credit.  

You do not have to let me know ahead of time that you are joining, just simply press the link before the class begins next Friday and I will document your attendance.  If there are questions I will contact you directly.

Join us for this make-up course!  Add an hour of credit while you break for lunch!  You do NOT need to download the Proof of Attendance form – I will simply add the hour in the database and on the paper forms I have received.

Make-up Course: Proper Sample Collection for Water Testing

Friday, March 12th                      

12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

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