Water Well Trust Client Testifies before Senate

Water Well Trust Client Testifies before Senate Environment and Public Works Committee

On July 20th Mike Frazee, a Water Well Trust client from Arkansas stood before the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee to testify on the validity and necessity to continue funding for rural water programs and private wells. The hearing focused on the “Innovative Financing and Funding: Addressing America’s Crumbling Water Infrastructure”. Margaret Martens, the Water Systems Council Executive Director, emphasized that the WSC was the only leading drinking water advocate invited to testify before the US Senate on the $342 Billion challenge.

Mr. Frazee provided the following statements in his testimony:

“Wells and well systems are a God Send to rural communities like mine. We were never going have the resources to pay for a drinking water treatment facility or run water lines many miles. However, wells proved to be a very cost effective alternative for me and my neighbors.”

“The “2011 EPA Needs Survey” estimated the shortfall in drinking water funding for small communities at $64.5 Billion Dollars. As we’ve seen in Arkansas wells can significantly reduce the cost of providing drinking water in
many small rural communities and Congress should do everything it can to promote the use wells in these rural areas. I know firsthand the importance of safe, affordable drinking water and wells are a part of the solution.”

To read the entire testimony click the button below or visit https://www.epw.senate.gov/public/index.cfm/hearing

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