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A letter was mailed regarding the new GW-2 form from the Department of Environmental Quality and the Virginia Department of Health.  Below are the forms and clarifications from the departments.

Both departments will be available at the Fall Field Day on October 9th.  Let us know if there are comments or questions and we can address and make sure there is ample time to discuss onsite.


On July 1, 2015, the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) conducted a mass mailing to licensed water well systems providers regarding new well registration requirements within Groundwater Management Areas (GWMAs), and to provide a copy of a new GW-2/Uniform Water Well Completion Report (UWWCR).  DEQ and the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) have received a number of calls regarding the mailing, and would like to clarify several points.


  1. The new GW-2/UWWCR was develop to create a single statewide form, accepted by both DEQ and VDH and is to be used for reporting all well construction and abandonment information.
  2. Certified water well system providers are required to register newly constructed wells within a GWMA with DEQ (see Va. Code Section 62.1-258).
  3. The new form was developed to capture information for a number of different well construction types: waterworks; observation/monitoring wells; and private wells.  Some fields within the form may not be applicable to all well construction types.  Please complete all fields that are applicable to your particular wells construction and as required by applicable laws and regulations.
  4. You should include: 1) Contact information, including the owner’s  and certified water well system providers name and mailing address; 2) The well location, including the physical address, tax map number, or GPIN number of the property at which the well is located, the subdivision name and appropriate section, block and lot numbers, if applicable; and the latitude, longitude, and datum of the well; 3) The type of use of the well water, 4) Well construction information, including; the well designation name or number, the start  and completion dates of well construction, the depth of the well and borehole depth, hole sizes, height of casing above the land surface, size, depth, and material weight per foot or wall thickness of the casing, size, type, and mesh of the screen or water zones, and the type of grout, grouting method, and type of seal; 5) If a pump test is conducted, the pump test information, including the date and duration of test, pre-pumped static water level; and the stabilized measured pumping level and yield; 7) Production pump intake depth; 8) Drillers log; and, 9) The certified water well system provider’s certification statement.
  5. For Geothermal Well Systems the following apply:
  • Open looped system, complete an individual GW-2/UWWCR form for each well.
  • Closed loop system, complete a single GW-2/UWWCR form for  a single well and include system summary information describing the number of wells and general footprint of the well locations.
  1. A fillable PDF version of the new form is now available and will be posted on the DEQ and VDH websites.
  2. A GW-2/UWWCR guidance document will soon be available to clarify any of the fields listed on the form.


If you have any questions or comments on the new form contact: (for DEQ) Craig Nicol at; (for VDH private wells) Lance Gregory at; (for VDH waterworks) Roy Soto .



New GW-2 | pdf

GW-2_1 GW-2_2 GW-2_3 GW-2_4



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